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Meeting Rooms

Types of Bussiness Meeting Rooms


  • Elevate your executive decisions in high-end boardrooms designed with privacy and confidentiality at the forefront. Top-level business discussions are given the gravitas they deserve, in a space crafted to meet your every business need.
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Conference Rooms

  • Spacious and technologically equipped to host larger teams, our rooms are ideal for impactful presentations, collaborative meetings, and fruitful town halls.
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Training Rooms

  • Fully customisable, our expansive training rooms are ideal for dynamic days of workshops, seminars, and extended training sessions. Give your team the space they need to enhance their working experience.
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Video Conferencing Rooms

  • Stay connected globally thanks to our top-notch video conferencing facilities. Convene effortlessly with key partners and stakeholders across multiple locations and time zones, and build new relationships that matter.
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Huddle Rooms

  • Breathe new life into team meetings, on-the-fly brainstorming, and one-on-one chats with our huddle rooms. Quick, informal interactions are elevated in a dignified yet cosy manner so you can carry out everyday tasks in a professional manner.
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