What membership plans does The Work Project offer?
Hot Desk
Shared desks offering the ultimate flexibility and user-friendly design. Enjoy the freedom to come and go and use any available desk at any time.

Private Office
Fully enclosed, lockable, furnished, beautifully appointed and ergonomically designed, our Private Offices can accommodate various team sizes.

No matter which workspace you choose, we offer the same 24/7 secure keycard access.
Is there a set-up fee, retainer or move-out fee required by The Work Project?
No. Our pricing is transparent. You are required to pay only what is shown in the booking confirmation.

*Note: For additional customized arrangements for Private Offices, we may require an extra fee. Additional charges apply to on-demand services during the stay as the use of meeting facilities, additional printing and extra storage. Charges may apply upon check-out in case of damages.
When can Bookings start and end?
We offer unprecedented flexibility for Booking Workspaces. Choose any start date or booking period (daily or monthly) that fits your requirement. At the Work Project, you choose the dates and contract term.
When can I book a workspaces?
Bookings can be made any time you want through our online booking system. Booking workspaces here at The Work Project is as easy and instant as booking a hotel with just a few clicks online.
Can I make a booking on the same day I need to check-in the workspace?
Yes. We offer instant access to our workspaces through our online booking system.
Can I book a Workspace more than 2 months in the future?
Our online booking system is able to take bookings 2 months ahead of time. For future inquiries more than 2 months ahead, please contact us at info@theworkproject.com.
What are your operating hours?
Our Workspaces are accessible 24/7 with keycard access for our members. Our daily refreshments and amenities are available Monday – Friday, 9AM – 7PM.
Does The Work Project accommodate teams larger than 12 people?
Yes. For teams larger than 12 people, please contact us at info@theworkproject.com.
Is it possible to book Hot Desk and Private Offices at the same time?
Yes. When you enter the size of team, our online booking system automatically optimizes a customized office configuration based on our availability of Private Office rooms and Hot Desk areas. You can choose any configuration of Private Offices and Hot Desk that truly adapt to your business needs.
What are my payment options?
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, Bank Transfer or Check.
How can I review my invoice?
Your invoice will be automatically sent to you by email upon booking confirmation. It can also be reviewed via your account on line.
What’s the check-in & check-out time at The Work Project?
On your Booking Start Date, you can check-in starting 9am, after which you have 24/7 access to the Workspace. On the Booking End Date, check-out is by 7pm.
What documents do you require at check-in?
Valid personal IDs of each registered user are required at check-in.
Do I need to make deposits at check-in?
No. Deposits are required to be paid upon Booking confirmation. We do not require an additional Deposit upon check-in.
How do I let The Work Project know my special requests prior to check-in?
Please feel free to reach us at info@theworkproject.com for any special requests related to your stay. We will spare no efforts to assist you in creating a productive and comfortable work environment for you.
When do I have to let The Work Project know I’m moving out?
Users with Private Offices are required to give one calendar month notice to move out. Move out forms must be submitted by the last business day prior of the month prior to vacating.

Hot Desks users can cancel their bookings at any time online via the online booking system. Please note that cancellations take effect on the next business day of the cancellation. There are no prorated refunds issued for cancellations of Hot Desks.
Could I bring my pets to The Work Project?
We regret to tell you that you are not allowed to bring your pet to the workspace according to the building policy at our current location.
Does The Work Project give referral rewards if I successfully introduced a friend?
We will have a referral reward program coming very soon, please check back on our website.
What are the complimentary amenities and services in The Work Project?
The Work Project helps its users to focus on their works. The rest is on us!
- High speed internet
- Air conditioning
- Daily office cleaning
- Coffee and tea
- Daily variety of food and beverage
- Weekly Happy Hours
- Newspapers & magazines
- Mail handling
- Laptop locker and mail box
- Scanning and fax in
- Access to professional and lifestyle events
- Member’s exclusive professional and lifestyle benefits & discounts
What are the additional fees for on-demand services?
- Meeting Room: Please refer to the rates shown on the online booking system
- Black & White printing (per sheet printed): HK$0.5
- Color printing (per sheet printed): HK$2.0
- IP Phone rental: HKD350 per set per month
- Phone (local): charges apply
- Phone (overseas): charges apply
Can guests visit me in my Private Office?
Yes. Please register your guests at our front desk when they arrive.
What’s the minimum booking term of a meeting room?
The Work Project meeting rooms can be booked on a half-hour basis via online booking system where the availability and rates will be shown.
Can I book a meeting room without booking a workspace at The Work Project?
Our meeting rooms can only be booked by existing The Work Project users via our online booking system.
How do I register my guests for the meeting room?
Please register your guests at our front desk when they arrive.
Can I have video conferencing in the meeting room?
Yes. The Meeting Room Ten is equipped with conference call unit with a touch screen interface.
What kind of devices can be connected to the screen?
Our meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Users’ smartphones, tablets and laptops can be seamlessly connected to the screen via HDMI cable or wirelessly.
I’m an event planner. What types of events are ideal to be held at The Work Project?
The Work Project offers over 2,000 square feet of meeting and function space (The Stage, The Gallery and The Garden) that cater to the highest level of professional and social gatherings. For more information, please refer to Events [hyperlink to website “Events” section].
How to book the event space at The Work Project?
Please reach us at +852 3896 1000 or info@theworkproject.com for enquiry and reservation.
Can I stop in or should I make an appointment for a tour?
Our staff are onsite 9am to 7pm local time Monday through Friday. Please feel free to drop by during these hours.

Or alternatively, you could also book a tour by reaching us at +852 3896 1000 or info@theworkproject.com.
How to contact The Work Project?
For general enquiry, please reach us at +852 3896 1000 or info@theworkproject.com.

For media enquiry, please refer to Press & Media.

You may also follow us and leave a comment or private message on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Just tag and mention us when you find something interesting about The Work Project on social media.
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