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Meeting Rooms

Types of Meeting Rooms


  • Our elegantly designed boardrooms offer the perfect backdrop for executive meetings and critical business discussions. Complete with modern furnishings and tech amenities.
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Conference Rooms

  • When you need to accommodate a larger team for presentations or annual meets, our conference rooms for hire are not only spacious but fully equipped for seamless communication.
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Training Rooms

  • Facilitate immersive training sessions or workshops with our specialised training rooms. These spaces are equipped with high-quality AV tools to enhance learning and professional development.
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Video Conference Rooms

  • Stay globally connected without compromising on quality. Our video conference rooms come with state-of-the-art technology including high-definition video conferencing systems.
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Huddle Rooms

  • For intimate, fast-paced interactions or brainstorming sessions, these small meeting rooms provide a cosy yet professional setting that encourages open communication.
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