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    Meeting Rooms For Rent

    Located across prime business areas and CBDs in four of Australia’s most populous cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth – The Work Project’s meeting rooms for hire bring unparalleled convenience for entrepreneurs and visionaries from all walks of life. Discover small, medium, and large-size coworking spaces with unique advantages tailored to suit your professional requirements.

    Type of Meeting Rooms


    Our elegantly designed boardrooms offer the perfect backdrop for executive meetings and critical business discussions. Complete with modern furnishings and tech amenities.
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    Conference Rooms

    When you need to accommodate a larger team for presentations or annual meets, our conference rooms for hire are not only spacious but fully equipped for seamless communication.
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    Training Rooms

    Facilitate immersive training sessions or workshops with our specialised training rooms. These spaces are equipped with high-quality AV tools to enhance learning and professional development.
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    Video Conference Rooms

    Stay globally connected without compromising on quality. Our video conference rooms come with state-of-the-art technology including high-definition video conferencing systems.
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    Huddle Rooms

    For intimate, fast-paced interactions or brainstorming sessions, these small meeting rooms provide a cosy yet professional setting that encourages open communication.
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    Types of Meeting Room Rentals

    Hourly Rentals

    Ideal for short or impromptu meetings. Our hourly rentals offer a flexible solution when you need a meeting room in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth.

    Day Rentals

    For those planning a full-day seminar or training session, our day rentals for meeting rooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth CBD make for economical and convenient options, complete with required facilities.

    Meeting Room Rental FAQs

    How much does it cost to rent a meeting room?

    Costs for our meeting rooms for hire vary depending on the room and location. For a more specific estimate tailored to your needs, please consult our on-site managers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth.

    How do I reserve meeting rooms or conference facilities?

    Use our intuitive website to book the perfect meeting room in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth. Real-time availability ensures you get the space you desire.

    How big are the meeting rooms for hire?

    Our meeting rooms for hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth CBDs vary in size to accommodate small to large groups, from huddle rooms to expansive conference spaces.

    What is the cancellation or change of date policy for TWP’s meeting rooms for hire?

    All change of date or cancellation requests for our meeting room rentals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth must be communicated at least 3 days prior to the event.