September 29, 2023
SINGAPORE, 16 January 2023
          After the successful launch of its first Raffles Place centre at CapitaSpring a year ago, The Work Project (TWP) recently opened another centre at Six Battery Road. The ~50,000 square feet centre on level 3, 6 and 7 were previously occupied by a bank for over 30 years. Now it accommodates ~1,000 co-working and office desks, and the centre is approximately 50% leased, after just two months of operations. The centre is expected to be fully occupied by mid-2023.
          TWP had collaborated with design firm Matthew Shang Design Office (MSDO) to transform the floors into co-working office space that pays homage to the locational and architectural history of the building. The result of weaving these elements led to playful yet interesting features such as bleacher steps at the pantry that lead to a view of Singapore River, feature pillars hewn from rock and cement that mirrors the river steps and feature walls of red granite that draws semblance to the exterior materiality of the building.

          Level 3 which was once a bank’s trading floor will feature the primary business hub with state-of-the-art board rooms, meeting rooms, function space, and co-working desks, which will be available for use by building tenants via a booking website at member’s rates.

          This is also the 2nd building in Singapore which TWP has contracted a managed agreement for, the first one being CapitaSpring which had resounding success and achieved 100% occupancy rate in less than 10 months. More than 80% of the clients are MNCs.

         Ms Noeleen Goh, Global Head of Real Estate at The Work Project, says: "Coworking demand has really made a comeback tracking office rental performance as well as providing a solution to the post-pandemic trend of hybrid and flexible work. TWP believes that a design which integrates with its building and environment gives meaningfulness and elevates the aesthetic quality to the workplace, thereby helping employees to be more productive and creative.“ “We also believe that working hand in with landlords for flexible space is the future of our sector. Such partnerships can bring about more value to the building tenants by enhancing the amenities.”

About TWP
TWP is a global workspace provider setting new standards in ways of working. It currently operates award-winning workspaces at ten locations in Singapore and Hong Kong, with a combined 40,000 square meters that enables today’s business executives to work, meet and host in beautifully designed spaces. Since its inception in 2016, its timeless and inspiring designs have already been included in Forbes’ list of "5 Most Beautiful Co-Working Spaces in the World" and Huffington Post’s list of "20 Best Co-Working Spaces Across the Globe". Its mission is to create workspaces that are beautiful in form and high-performance in function. Find out more at

About Design Concept (Narrated by MSDO)
The Work Project Battery road is located at the mouth of the Singapore River, a site significant for its mercantile and cultural history. The narrative, informing the aesthetic and approach, drew on two essential elements.
Firstly we looked at the trading history of the River: trading at the go downs and physically at the river steps which we can still see today. The site carries a history of financial transactions evolving from the original Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China, at the entry of bustling Raffles Place.
Secondly, we look to an ancient and cultural element: The Singapore Stone, a mysterious fragment of rock carved with multiple languages that greeted those entering the Singapore river. The Singapore Stone which the mythical 14th-century strongman 'Badang' threw in place. We see these themes merging in this building at Battery Road, a red granite Edifice that is a significant pillar of commerce and culture in Singapore.

We have carved, hewn, and created a fascinating and intriguing environment within this building. One with surprises that appear, a passage is seemingly hewn from rock and cement, a light-filled sculpture court, and at higher levels, steps that lead you to the river once more.

Our palette complements this intent, deep red granites, textural contrasts, ochres and robust timber screens. Details and elements always crafted and engaging for those who occupy the space.